Fall 2020 Practice Option

Dear Malden Soccer Community,

Based on requests from our families and coaches, we are adding a practice-only option to our travel-aged program, grades 3 thru 8.  Teams in this program will focus on soccer skills and fitness while maintaining social distance.  These teams will not participate in Saturday games against other towns and will not incorporate drills (such as scrimmage) which require closer contact.  These teams will practice 2 to 3 times a week, depending on coach availability.

This option will meet and exceed Mass Youth Soccer’s guidelines which intend to reduce COVID-19 transmission.  The primary split from these guidelines is that practice sessions will be structured to keep 6 feet social distance for the full practice, which exceeds the guidelines.  All other guidelines will be followed.  You can see a partial list of rules below.

The fee for this program will be $60 for the season.  Practices should begin in mid to late August.  You may register for this program here.

Given several unknowable aspects of COVID-19, we cannot make any guarantees about the season.  It might be cut short and/or modified based on infection rates.  In exchange for the reduced cost, we will not allow refunds for the fall registration fee if the season is cut short or activities change.  

If you registered for normal travel soccer, but prefer this option, just let us know and we will switch you.

This additional program will require additional coaches.  Please consider volunteering if you can.  We will only run the program for teams which have adequate coaching support.

Thank you for your continued support,

Board of Malden Youth Soccer

Questions or responses can be directed to Doug Danoff


These are some of the known or expected rules and guidelines which will be enforced for the fall season.  There are more.  Please do not register if you do not agree to comply with these or any of the other guidelines available in the links above.  These are subject to change.


  • The number of spectators per child will be limited.  Recommendation is maximum of 1 spectator per player.
  • Spectators must wear masks and maintain 6’ distance from the field and other spectators at all times.
  • At-Risk individuals should not attend soccer activity


  • Coaches must wear masks and maintain 6’ distance from players at all times.
  • Max 2 coaches on a field during practices
  • Coaches will not supply balls or pinneys.  Players must bring their own.
  • Each team must have a covid coordinator who is registered and trained on specific responsibilities.  This can be a coach or a parent volunteer.

Soccer Rules

  • Practices will not include drills that require players to be within 6’ of each other.

Player/Parent Responsibilities

  • Comply with instructions and rules of assigned officials when attending soccer activities
  • Players must wear masks to and from soccer activities.  Masks are not required while playing or practicing, but are allowed if desired.  If masks are worn during the games, they must be the type that wraps around the ears, not around the neck.
  • Players must have their own equipment at every event: Sanitizer, paper towels / wipes, mask, ball
  • A player with persistent cough or fever should be sent home immediately.  Parents are responsible for keeping kids home who are not 100% healthy.
  • Parents must notify the coach and the COVID Safety Officer immediately if the player or member of the household is diagnosed with COVID-19.

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