New Registration Rules in Effect

In keeping with directives from US Youth Soccer, school grade information is now being collected as part of the registration process, and grade in school may affect which travel team children are placed on. When prompted, please provide the grade your child is in.

For travel soccer only: If you are presented with more than one option for league, choose U10 if your child is in grades 2, 3, or 4; U12 if your child is in grades 5 or 6; U14 if your child is in grades 7 or 8; U16 if your child is in 9th or 10th grade; and U18 if your child is in 11th grade or above.

Click Here to Register

You can register online using either a credit card or a PayPal account.

As long as space is available, MYS will make every effort to place all players on teams. The best way to ensure you will be placed on a team is to register early.

Only in a few special cases will MYS accept paper registrations. If you are unable to register online, please send us email , or call 339-224-4115.

Winter Intown Soccer for ages 4 through grade 8 (born 1/1/2002 to 1/8/2013)
early January to Mid-March
Registration fee: $50

Spring Intown Soccer for ages 4-8 (born 1/1/2008 to 4/15/2013)
Mid-April to early June
Registration fee: $85 ($100 after March 15)

Spring Travel Soccer for grades 3-12 (born 1/1/1998 to 12/31/2008; children in grade 2 may also be eligible)
late March to early June
Registration fee: U10-U14 $95 ($110 after January 1), U16-U18 $125.

Children born in 2008 have the option of playing Intown or Travel soccer. Our intown leagues are recreational, with one session per week on Saturdays or Sundays, depending on age. Travel teams are competitive, and practice two days a week with one home or away game on Saturdays.

About Intown Soccer

Intown soccer is comprised of three co-ed age-based leagues of 6-12 teams each. All teams practice and play within Malden once a week. Our U5 program is for children who were born on or after August 1, 2011, but are at least 4 by the first day of the season. Our U7 program is for children born between August 1, 2009 and July 31, 2011, and our U9 program is for children born between January 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009.

Goals for Players

U5: To learn basic soccer skills and rules through fun, games, activities, and scrimmages; and to begin to learn the concept of teamwork.

U7/U9: To continue to learn basic soccer skills through skills-based activities and scrimmaging. Focus is also on the rules of the game, and preparing players to play on travel teams.

About Travel Soccer

Travel teams are divided by gender: there are boys teams and girls teams at each age level.

Teams for children in grades 3-8 (some second and ninth graders may also be eligible) play in the Fall and Spring, with an indoor Winter session. High school-aged teams compete in the spring only, as many Malden Youth Soccer players also play for their high schools in the fall.

Travel teams practice on several fields in Malden, twice a week for 1.5-2 hours, on days and times chosen by the coaches. They play against other teams in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League on Saturdays (younger) or Sundays (high school-aged teams). In general, each team plays half of its games within Malden and half elsewhere in Middlesex County.

Financial Assistance

There are limited scholarships available for players suffering financial hardship. Please contact the MYS President for additional information and an application.

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